XTREME CHAOS 18u GOLD Player Profile

Player Name: Hayden Smith

Address: 83 Minor Avenue 06615

HS Grad Year: 2021

GPA: 3.45 weighted     SAT/PSAT Score:        ACT Score: N/A

Positions: 1st base and outfield

Player Email: haydensmith328@icloud.com

Player Cell: 2032439781

DOB: 03/28/03

Parents/Guardian Names: Lucia and Rod

Home Phone: N/A

Parent/Guardian Cell Phone: 2039844204 (father)

Parents/Guardian Email Address: rodsmith4444@gmail.com

NCAA Clearing House Number: 1908660208

Height:   5’8”    Weight: 140

Bats: R Throws: R

Running speed Home to 1st  :  I have not timed my speed

Travel Teams:  2018             2017  CT Seahawks                        2016                         2015

Name and address of High School: Stratford High School 45 North Parade Street Stratford Ct

Athletic Achievements: coaches awards (basketball)

Academics Achievements: student of the month 3x, excellence in personal finance 2

College Major of Interest: early child education