XTREME CHAOS 18u GOLD Player Profile

Player Name: Shea McDaniel

Address: 2 Osprey Drive Seymour CT 06483

HS Grad Year: 2022

GPA: 3.75         SAT/PSAT Score:            ACT Score:

Positions: Left and Right Field

Player Email: smmcdanie@gmail.com

Player Cell: 203-258-8951

DOB: 12/19/03

Parents/Guardian Names: Heather McDaniel, Michael McDaniel

Home Phone: 203-685-7419

Parent/Guardian Cell Phone: Heather- 203-685-7419

Parents/Guardian Email Address: Heather- hmcdanie@yahoo.com  Mike – mikemcdanie@yahoo.com

NCAA Clearing House Number: 2001783550

Height: 5’3    Weight: 130lbs

Bats: R  Throws: R

Running speed Home to 1st  :   ___   Sec.

Travel Teams:

2015-2019- Seymour Tradition 16U elite

Name and address of High School:

Seymour High School - 2 Botsford Rd, Seymour, CT 06483

Athletic Achievements:

2014-District and Sectional Champion 

2015-Seymour Little League Champion

2016-Seymour Little League Champion

2016-Travel Softball State Champion

2016-State Champion Little League Softball

2017-Travel Softball State Champion

2017-JNVL Volleyball Champion

2018-Captain Seymour Middle School Softball

2018-Volleyball State Champions

2019-JV NVL Highschool Softball Champions

2019-Softball Highschool States & NVL runner up

2019-Volleyball State Champions

 Academics Achievements:  
2016/2017-High Honors Seymour Middle School

2018/2019-High Honors Seymour High school

Freshman year-All Honors classes offered and 2 sophomore classes (Biology Honors, Sophomore Health)

Sophomore year- All Honors classes and 1 AP (Psychology)

College Major of Interest: Pre-Med, Psychology, Biology or Biochemistry